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          服务热线: 13915556410





          地址: 苏州市虎丘区浒关经济开发区



          ■  提供紧固连接件一站式采购服务

          ■  为企业量身定制和修改紧固连接方案

          ■  工业紧固件及相关配套工具的物流配送服务



              Suzhou VGS Fastener Co., Ltd. is operating fasteners as the core, specializing in R & D production and sales fasteners, fasteners and related product sales and customer service. Company's products up to tens of thousands of species, including DIN, ANSI, BS, ISO, JIS, GB and other standards and non-standard products; materials involve carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper and so on; products include various types of screws, bolts, nuts, washers, a pin shaft, a plug, core pulling rivets, electrical tools. In addition, we have R & D and production of sales of sheet metal parts and machining parts.The company has professional management personnel and technical team, professional and diversified products to provide customers with one-stop service, has developed into more than the world's top 500 enterprises supporting the designated supplier.
          Over the years, with professional production technology, excellent product quality, perfect after sale service obtained the majority of users of praise. The company products are mainly used in hydraulic machinery, medical equipment, electronics, communications, petrochemical, construction, electricity, decorating, solar energy and other industries, the annual sales of more than 200 tons.
          ■It provides a fastening connector one-stop procurement services
          ■The industrial fasteners and related tools, logistics and distribution services
          ■The tailored for the enterprise and modify the fastening connection scheme
          If you are looking for the best fastener supplier, please contact us!
          You only need a telephone, can be the fastest and most professional services!

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